An update to our members about the winter storm

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This has been an extremely challenging time for many Bulb members, so we wanted to take a moment to answer some of your recent questions and concerns. We hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Your February rate is safe and secure

As you probably heard, the cost of energy skyrocketed during the week of the winter storm to the tune of $9000 per MWh. Not pretty. At Bulb we pre-purchase your energy a month in advance so you’re protected from these extreme price increases. This means that in January, we bought the energy you would use in February. Since your rate is locked for the month, you won’t see any changes to it because of the storm.

Your rate won’t spike in March

We pre-purchased your energy for March before the winter storm, so your rate for March hasn’t changed. If you look in your Bulb account, you’ll see that your March rate is about 5% higher than your February one. This is because the cost of energy increased in March. Remember, you can always see your rate for the current month and the next month right in your Bulb account.

You’ll only pay for energy that you used this month

At Bulb, you only pay for the energy you use, and your bill will always reflect this. Bulb does not have any additional charges because of the power outages that happened during the winter storm. If your February bill is higher than normal, it will only be related to increased energy usage.

You can see your weekly energy usage

To see your weekly energy usage, you’ll need to create a profile with Smart Meter Texas. Here’s how — it takes just a minute:

  1. Go to Smart Meter Texas and click “Sign Up”
  2. Choose “Residential” from “Account Type”
  3. Add your personal details and property information. You’ll need your ESI ID and meter number.

You can get help paying your bills

We currently offer two payment options to help our members avoid disconnection due to a missed payment: bill extensions and deferred payment plans. Additionally, the state of Texas recently launched a Rent Relief Program to help people pay regular household bills. Under this program, you may be able to get assistance paying for missed utility bills dating as far back as March 2020. Read more about your options for payment assistance.

Bulb isn’t going anywhere

Because of the winter storm, some energy companies might not be able to continue their operations. This is not the case with Bulb. Our business is in a good state, and we’re confident in our ability to continue providing best-in-class support to our members.

If you lost power, it wasn’t because your energy is 100% renewable

All Texans were affected by the power outages from this week’s storm, regardless of whether their energy provider offers a renewable plan or not.

The extreme outages occurred because there wasn’t enough power generated in Texas to meet the record-breaking demand from the winter storm. While some of this power is generated by wind turbines, the bulk of Texas electricity comes from natural gas, coal and nuclear energy systems.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at

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