We’re freezing our rate this summer

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Variable rates haven’t always worked well for Texans. We’re here to change that.

Start summer with some peace of mind

From June 1 to August 31, we’re going to freeze our rate, which means your energy price won’t budge for the entire summer. Then, when energy prices start to come down, we’ll unfreeze it.

And as an added bonus, if our prices increase outside of summer, we’ll give you 60 days’ notice before we make any changes. And since we don’t charge cancellation fees, you’re always free to switch to another provider.

Why we’re freezing our rate

35% of Texas’s annual electricity is used during June, July and August when temperatures are at their highest. As a result, wholesale energy prices reach their peak during these months.

As you can tell from the graph below, wholesale energy costs start climbing sharply in June, so we’ll be freezing our prices before that happens. Unlike a popsicle, our prices will stay frozen throughout the summer.

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On September 1, when prices return to normal, we’ll unfreeze your rate until next summer. This way, we help members get cheaper energy all year round.

We know what energy prices did last summer

Variable rate plans have a bad rap with Texans, and it’s understandable. Most providers attract customers with a low rate in the spring and then hike it in the summer when people use more energy.

Last summer, wholesale energy prices were especially volatile. In a blistering August, prices repeatedly reached the highest levels allowed by the energy regulator.

During the heatwave, a few energy companies increased their rates to offset the high price of energy. This meant some people paid up to $200 a day to cool their homes. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) resorted to asking Texans to cut back on their energy use to bring prices back down.

So in a nutshell, by being with Bulb you get:

A fixed, affordable price all summer long

We’ll freeze our rate from June 1 to August 31, when our rate will go back to reflecting the true cost of energy.

Plenty of notice about any changes

If our prices go up outside of summer, we’ll give you 60 days’ notice. And with no cancellation fees, you’re free to switch to a different provider.

One simple plan

We have one affordable plan, which means you’re always getting the best possible price. All our members are on the same plan, regardless of when they sign up.

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