It’s official, we’re supplying our first Texan home

We’re officially supplying our first Texan home. And we’ve invited our first few members through the doors to test our service.

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It’s official, as of last week we’re now powering our first Texan home with 100% renewable electricity. Our first member was Jesse, an Energy Specialist on the Bulb Texas team. He’ll be testing it out along with friends, family, and those that pre-registered. We want to make sure everything’s running smoothly before we invite you to switch to renewables. Not long to wait now.

We also announced our rate last week. It’ll save Texans an average of $414 a year compared to standard rates of the largest suppliers. And since our electricity is 100% green, we’ll also help our members reduce their carbon footprint.

A simpler, cheaper, greener energy supplier

We’ve spent the last 4 years in the UK supplying homes with green energy and lowering our members’ bills. And now we’re ready to do the same for the Lone Star State.

You can expect Bulb to be simpler, cheaper and greener than other energy suppliers in Texas, and here’s how:


We don’t do annual contracts. If you decide to switch away, we won’t charge you cancellation fees. And because we’re green, we’ll send you any important updates by email. None of this paper nonsense.


Bulb members can expect to save an average of $414 a year. And with our summer price lock, we’ll freeze our rate over the summer when energy prices tend to increase. More on that next week.


Our electricity is 100% renewable and comes from solar and wind generators right here in Texas. By switching to Bulb, the average home will decrease its carbon impact by 8.8 tonnes of CO2 a year. That’s the hard work of 3,695 trees.

Join our waiting list

If you haven’t already, you can join our waiting list now by heading to and leaving your email address. We can’t wait to bring our renewable energy to your homes. See you soon.

While you wait, head over to our community and let us know what you’re looking for in a renewable energy supplier.

Making energy cheaper, simpler and greener with 100% renewable energy. Visit to get a quote.

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