We’re reviewing our prices every month

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Starting December 1, we’re reviewing our prices every month and updating our rate to give you our best possible price. Based on this change, all Bulb members will see their rate drop in December.

Fair and competitive

We don’t believe you should have to work hard to get a fair and competitive rate, which is often what happens when you’re on a fixed rate plan. When your plan ends, you have to start shopping around or get switched to a much higher rate.

We have one simple plan that reflects the true cost of energy. By making small adjustments to our rate more regularly, you’ll get a more competitive price year round and put an end to scrolling for new plans every three months.

The chart below shows Bulb’s projected rate compared to the most common providers in Texas.

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When monthly energy costs go down, we pass the savings to you. And when they go up, we work hard to limit their impact, so you’re always on our best price.

We believe this approach gives our members the best possible experience; a low, affordable rate all year long, world-class service from our support team and 100% green energy that never costs extra.

The average Bulb member in Houston will pay $49.50 less on their December bill compared to customers with Green Mountain, TXU, Direct Energy and Reliant.

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Stay in the know

You can check your rate anytime right in your Bulb account. You’ll see that your rate is made up of Bulb’s energy charge and your utility company’s charges. Your utility company is the company that physically delivers electricity to your home. Think Oncor, CenterPoint, AEP. Their charges include a fixed delivery charge and a per kilowatt charge based on your usage.

Starting in December, you’ll also see a monthly usage snapshot and your historical usage in your Bulb account.

Free and flexible

We don’t believe in complicated pricing or tricky plans, though we know that’s often what people think of when they hear the word “variable.” So we’ve made sure to keep our plan as transparent and flexible as possible. That means no contracts, no hidden fees and no cancellation fees if you switch away. Although that doesn’t happen much.

Making energy cheaper, simpler and greener with 100% renewable energy. Visit bulb.com to get a quote.

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