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If you’re reading this, you probably just tried to join Bulb but have been stopped due to a switch hold. This means the current retail electricity provider (REP) for the property you’re trying to switch to Bulb has put a switch hold on your meter. Here’s what to do about it.

Switch holds are placed for one of two reasons:
1. Your local utility company (TDSP) determines that electric meter tampering or theft has occurred at the property and they place a switch hold on it. The current account holder is notified that a switch hold has been placed. This often happens via door hanger.

2. You enter into a deferred payment plan with your provider and agree to have a switch hold placed on the electric meter until the terms of the deferred payment plan are satisfied. The provider is required to notify you that a switch hold will be applied before you agree to the terms of the deferred payment plan.

How to remove the switch hold

If you’re switching to Bulb from your current address:
If the switch hold was placed for meter tampering, the current customer must pay any charges for energy they used that they didn’t pay for and any meter repair and restoration charges in order to avoid disconnection of service and to remove the switch hold.

If the switch hold was placed for a deferred payment plan, you’ll need to meet the terms of your agreed upon payment plan. You’ll need to call your current electricity provider and resolve any issues before the switch hold can be removed.

If you’re moving into a new property:
You’ll need to provide evidence that you’re a new resident and not associated with the previous tenants’ account.

If you know the current provider for the property, we recommend that you contact them directly as it can be resolved more quickly.

If you don’t know the current provider, don’t worry. You can send the evidence to us and we’ll take care of it.

Here are the required documents we need:

  1. A completed and signed New Occupant Statement
  2. A signed copy of the lease. The account holder’s name must be on the lease.

Please send these documents to hello.texas@bulb.com

After we receive these documents, we’ll submit them to your utility company (TDSP) to confirm that a new occupant is legitimately moving in and that the property is not associated with the preceding occupant.

This information will also be sent to the current electricity provider for the property. The provider will have an opportunity to submit additional information to the utility company to help them determine that this is a legitimate new move-in by an occupant not associated with the preceding occupant.

This can delay the start of your service with Bulb, but it usually takes no more than 3 days to be resolved. We’re sorry for the delay, but we’ll work to get you signed up as quickly as we can.

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